Cheryl Kasper, CEO of WomenPowerment

Cheryl Kasper, LCSW is a Psychotherapist with over 25 years in clinical practice. She has a thriving private psychotherapy practice in NJ specializing in Anxiety Disorders and Trauma. Cheryl is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Neurofeedback, SandPlay Therapy, and Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformation Therapy™.

Cheryl is the owner of WomenPowerment, where she is a Rapid Transformation and Empowerment Coach, a national speaker, and creator of “Daily Affirmations to Live Life Powerfully” Affirmation Cards. She presents on topics such as Empowerment, Mindset, Limiting Beliefs, and Energy Psychology. Her approach is unique, as she brings many of her clinical techniques into her coaching practice, to create a unique transformational process. This allows you to uncover and release the root causes of underlying blocks, fears, anxiety, overwhelm, self sabotaging behaviors and negative core beliefs that are holding you back in various areas of your life. Only when these are identified and released, can lasting permanent and positive changes be made in all areas of your life.

Cheryl’s been there: from rock bottom and in a hundred thousand of dollars in debt, working 60-70+ hour work weeks, raising 2 sons kids, being an awesome wife, and making sure dinner is ready … to successfully running multiple businesses. She truly understands what it takes to overcome the overwhelm, anxiety and limiting beliefs and take control back of your life.

Cheryl’s Story:

I am a wife and mother of 2 boys. I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years experience. My journey began in 2012. I knew something in my life had to change. I was overwhelmed, anxious and felt trapped, like there was no way out and the walls were closing in on me. I was working as a full time school counselor, building up my private psychotherapy practice, running my children to sports meets during the week and to travel hockey on the weekends. I was working 60-70 hours a week trying to “get it all done.” Still, I felt it wasn’t enough. That I wasn’t enough. Nobody knew that my internal struggle to feel “good enough” was causing me so much anxiety and overwhelm. I always had a smile on my face to hide the pain.

I began to compare myself to other women who “did it all.” I wanted to learn from them. I wanted their secrets, tips and to understand how they were able to do it all with what looked like, grace and ease. I dove head first into reading professional development books, listening to podcasts, on-line courses, and going to trainings and workshops. I became consumed in learning more, and that led to me to getting more and more professional certifications to temporarily mask my feelings and to convince myself that I was good enough. I still felt I wasn’t enough. It only fed into the overwhelm and anxiety, and took me further away from my family. My marriage began to suffer. My husband lost his business and we were facing bankruptcy. I was at the lowest point in my life.

Burning that fire at both ends was not working. My journey led me to really dive deep into working on myself. I did all the journaling, coaching, therapy, yoga, meditation, self development books and courses. They all helped but it wasn’t enough. There was something deeper butI had no idea what it was or how to access it. I knew I had to face the fears and limiting beliefs deep in my subconscious.

At this point, l knew I had to either leave my full time school job or stop building my private practice- which was vital in getting us out of the debt accumulated by my husband losing his business. My school job was not rewarding to me anymore, it was a toxic environment. I dreaded going and had so much anxiety there. I was so conflicted. School was a “stable” job. I was at the top of the pay scale, held our family medical benefits, had a steady paycheck, and a pension. My private practice, on the other hand, brought me so much satisfaction and joy to be able to help others on such a deep profound level. This decision was both frightening and empowering at the same time. But I questioned whether I was good enough to start my own private practice, would I make enough money for my family, would I have enough clients, would people want to come to my practice, would I be busy enough….

THIS is when I found Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). I had 1 RTT session then listened to a personalized transformational recording for 21 days. I could not believe what came up for me! This was it! I knew exactly the root cause of my beliefs that were limiting me in so many ways. I felt a profound shift when I began changing my limiting beliefs and combining that with self care, energy work and spirituality. This 1 RTT session was the shift that changed the course of my direction in life. Like a sailboat changing its course with the shift of the wind. I was changing my beliefs, owning my power and believing in myself.

In January 2015 I made the decision to leave school by the end of the calendar year. The word “resignation” immediately went on my vision board. This was the scariest decision I have ever made. I plowed through each day knowing there was a light at the end of this narrowing tunnel.

October 30, 2015 was my last day at school. Three months ahead of my target date! It was also the first day of being my own boss. I was free. WomenPowerment. I knew that I Am Enough!

All areas of my life began to explode and blossom in a such an amazing way. I was being true to myself and trusted this journey. I was no longer being held back by my school job, negative people, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, and self doubt. I dug deep into my psyche and uncovered the limiting beliefs that had been haunting me for so long. My belief in myself skyrocketed, my self confidence soared, I believe in myself without a doubt that I Am Enough.

Since that day, I have grown in more ways than I ever thought possible. I have numerous professional certifications and published my own deck of affirmation cards. I speak across the country about empowerment and mindset. This could not have been possible if I was unable to acknowledge my blocks, look my fears in the face and step through them, release my limiting beliefs, and cut cords with negativity in my life.

New life. New belief system. New mindset. Rapid Transformation. WomenPowerment.

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