Transforming Limiting Beliefs Into Unlimited Possibilities

Cheryl Kasper, LCSW

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WomenPowerment is my unique program combining my 25 years as a psychotherapist with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Coaching and other rapid techniques to get to the core issue of limiting beliefs, overwhelm and anxiety that keeps you stuck in the same repetitive patterns. Once these are uncovered and released, you will able to move forward to achieve all of your goals Powerfully!

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You have goals and desires, but something is holding you back. You are stuck. You have a burning passion to share your gifts, your message, and your vision with the world, but have a hard time making that happen.

You want to leave a job or start a business, but are afraid of failure. You are unable to make the money you want but are stuck at your current income level because there may be some money blocks. You find yourself sabotaging relationships or other areas of your life because you feel you are not good enough.

I understand you, because I was there too.

I can help you uncover and release the root cause of your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs to permanently transform yourself so you are free and empowered to shine your light on others!


  • Getting crystal clear on your vision so you can achieve your goals…
  • Unlocking the Blocks to uncover your limiting beliefs so they NEVER hold you back again…
  • Rewriting your story…

Do You Dream Of…

  • Moving out of your comfort zone?
  • Growing or starting a business?
  • Discovering your greater purpose?
  • Living in alignment with your truth?
  • Feeling inspired every day?
  • Having healthy relationships?

… FIRST we have to get to the root cause of what is getting in your way and holding you back…

Here are the biggest challenges I see that
hold women back:

  • Anxiety/Overwhelm
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Self love/self worth
  • Self belief/ confidence
  • Self sabotage
  • Money blocks

The good news is… I can assist you to move through what is holding you back so you can begin to live the life you deserve- Powerfully.

That is why you are here. You are ready. You have done the affirmation cards, coaching, mindset work, self help books, meditation, journaling. And YES, they ALL work… but you need more. You are still stuck in the same patterns and can’t seem to break free. You are ready to release the stories that are keeping you stuck, the limiting beliefs that are blocking you and allowing you to feel that you are not enough, and the anxiety and overwhelm that paralyze you.

Let’s dive deep… together. Claim your power and take control of the things that have been controlling your destiny.

I have not only been there myself, but I also bring decades of personal and professional trainings, psychology, education, self development and coaching to help you create deep, long lasting transformations that are life changing.

I have created a unique and powerful method that will rapidly transform your life and business. I have a Masters degree and over 25 years experience as a clinical psychotherapist. I combine the scientific methods of psychology and mix it with Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology, and the principles Law of Attraction and Manifestation. I’m a little “East Meets West” in my approach, combining Eastern and Western philosophies.

Through my unique technique, I have been able to rapidly uncover the root cause of the limiting beliefs formed in childhood. These beliefs show up as feelings of unworthiness, lack of self love, feelings of not being good enough, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, overwhelm, and anxiety.

I have helped hundreds of women break through their self defeating, limiting beliefs and create new realities that align with their authentic selves.

I can help you unlock those beliefs, finally love yourself, believe you are enough and feel free from the past. I know, because I have done the work and have done my own powerful transformation!

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